Senior Care of Brevard - is a for profit Adult Day Care Center that provides specialized care in cognitive therapies for those who are affected with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and all forms of dementia including brain injury.
We are the only Adult Day Care in Central Florida with a Specialized Alzheimer's Service license with the state of Florida.

About Senior Care of Brevard


Senior Care of Brevard has been serving the residents of Brevard County for the past 20+ years. We provide licensed and certified professionals to assist adults, senior citizens and their families with a multitude of dementia related issues.


We are the only for profit facility in Brevard County that accepts end-stage dementia patients.When someone you love needs adult day care, consider Senior Care of Brevard. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the dementia adult by providing a safe and secure environment. Our programs are designed to provide cognitive and social stimulation for all our clients with planned and supervised activities, exercise, socialization, nutritious lunches and medical supervision by a RN and LPN.


Our Mission Statement:

"The mission of Senior Care of Brevard is to validate that every adult has absolute value.  Through the creation of stimulating activities, our goal for those who struggle with all forms of dementia is to enhance the quality of their life along with providing emotional support and respite for the caregiver." 


We are not a social club, we are a Cognitive Therapy Center that focuses on programs designed to extend and hold one’s functioning capability, thus improving their quality of life.


Since 1997, our professional staff has been able to help families handle the stress, anxiety, guilt and physical strain of dealing with their loved ones who are suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s. We offer a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in the heart of downtown Cocoa village. We have a membership with the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. We are also providing services for four different Medicaid providers in the State of Florida along with Aging Matters in Brevard County.